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Paulay Ede Színház
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Cultural Center, Ferenc Németi City Library

Cultural Center, Ferenc Németi City Library


White wines, colorful culture


Thank you for visiting the website of the Cultural Center, Ferenc Németi City Library! The institution performs the tasks of public education and public collection of the city of Tokaj. The Cultural Center consists of a complex of two facilities, the former synagogue building and the Paulay Ede Theater. Our library is a hundred-year-old building, yet a modern, friendly institutional unit, which is a popular cultural venue for the city's residents of all ages)


Culture is the soul of the community.


In Tokaj, this statement is especially important, because we are talking about one of the most famous and well-known cities in Hungary. We can be proud of the World Heritage Site title, the historical sites, the unique Kossuth Square, the Kopasz Hill with unique value, our excellent winemakers, and the events that enhance the reputation of the settlement and are related to our institution. The Harvest Days in Tokaj-Hegyalja, which has a decades-long tradition, stand out among many of our events.

We are proud of Fesztiválkatlan, one of the largest open-air theaters in Hungary, "where quality, culture and gastronomy meet." Katlan stands out nationwide not only with its size, but also with its popular, unique, exclusive programs, it contributes to the economic and tourism strengthening of the region.

We work closely with the Tokaj Writing Camp, the Zemplén Fesztivál, the Tokaj Winemakers' Table Society, active local NGOs, institutions operating in the city - especially the Tokaji Museum, the Tokaj Tourinform Office -, representatives of historical churches, wineries and entrepreneurs.

Over the past year, our institution has enjoyed infrastructural developments and an ever-expanding range of programs thanks to its successful tenders (Ministry of Human Resources).

You can also watch photos and videos of our events on our site. And our colleagues are looking forward to hearing from you.
We wish you a good browsing and a pleasant stay!
Visit our events in person, taste our excellent wines!

We look forward to seeing you in Tokaj!

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„Hétfő este a könyvtárban…”, 60 éves a könyvtár

2023. March 27., Monday, at 17:00
A Holló család Szervező: Kulturális Központ, Németi Ferenc Városi Könyvtár

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Cultural Center, Ferenc Németi City Library

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